Meet the crew behind The Social Dawg!

The Social Dawg is the perfect blend of our two passions in life: dogs and fashion. The inspiration for the collection started from our own pup, Leo, and the many wonderful and very social dogs that have touched our hearts over the years.

We’re passionate about making pet products that are fun and beautiful, because your best friend deserves the best. The Social Dawg collections feature a range of double-sided dog bandanas, including both tie-on and slip-on options, all of which have been lovingly handcrafted with your furry friend’s style and comfort in mind.

Our mission is to create dawg bandanas like you’ve never seen before. Trust us, we are all about details. Our materials are hand-picked for design, comfort, texture and durability. The Social Dawg products are proudly made in USA with love. Thank you for supporting The Social Dawg! 

We love seeing your pup in our creations! 
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