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Did Somebody Say Treats Tie-On Dog Bandana

I love these bandanas

I have purchased many of these bandanas and I love them all! Such great quality and the prints are so cute!!


This is like the 6th bandana we've bought from here, as always, great quality and super cute!! My little guy loves it


I’ve purchased a few Social Dawg Halloween bandanas but this one is by far my favorite!

Looks Great and Catches Drool :-)

This is great for my 115 lb Pyr pup. He looks good, and the bandana keeps the drool from staining his fur. I can't wait to have him wear his Hey Boo bandana for Halloween!!

Happy Birthday Bandana

Due to Chloe’s age when we rescued her she has some dings in her motor but on her birthday when she wears this happy Socialdawg bandana she’ll show off her classy chassis that still looks like new !
Thank you again Socialdawg for helping to make her birthday happy.
Will be ordering soon. 🥳🐶


I have two Bernese Mountain Dogs that just look so cute in bandanas. They haven’t worn their new Hey Boo ones as too early for Halloween. Loved the presentation of the package when they arrived. A personal approach goes a long way with me! Pics to come in October.

Autumn Leaves Bandana

When you order this Socialdawg bandana for your dog please consider putting your dog’s name on it in the gold color. I sure wish I had. Not only would it be so pretty but it would be seasonally appropriate.
Chloe’s bandana is pretty but her name in gold would have been beautiful !

Super cute!!

Love this cute little pastel bandana!

The perfect Fall accessory!

My pup Gingy is officially ready for Fall with this bandana! It's the perfect Fall piece for her and she has a dark red coat so the colors are perfect. We wore it out for the first pumpkin spice latte trip of the season and got a few compliments... can't wait for more!

A Nice Reminder

This fall leaves bandana is a pretty reminder that fall will be here soon. Each time Chloe wears it she probably won’t care but we’ll be thinking of all the beauty the change in seasons will bring.
In Socialdawg bandanas Chloe is always a sign of the times.
Thank you once again, Socialdawg

Item Customizations
A Zupec Beth

The bandannas are a great quality of fabric. The sizing is spot on and the prints are so cute! Definitely my favorite for dressing up my pup!

Halloween Pumpkin Candy Buckets

Patricia wants this cute bandana for Chloe. I reminded her that Chloe has bandanas from last year. She reminded me those weren’t from Socialdawg, they weren’t as cute and they were “last year’s”
Can’t argue with facts so I better order it soon.

Donut shop bandana

I absolutely love the design! And my pup Millie loves to wear it and looks so good! High quality, never disappoints. Would definitely recommend buying from this business

Pumpkin Fall Fashion

Want your dog to be noticed at the pumpkin patch this year? You know you do.
Order this Socialdawg bandana and have your dog’s name on it in green. It’ll be so pretty or handsome! Chloe’s arrived yesterday. She’s going to be a total fall fashion setter this year. Your dog can be too.
Socialdawg can make it happen!

Persuasion Pumpkin Bandana

My wife and Chloe tried to persuade me to order this bandana. When I make a decision I stand firm. Who am I kidding ?
It’s ordered and peace in this home prevails.
Yeah, I too am looking forward to seeing Chloe wearing it. Just don’t tell Patricia or Chloe, I have a reputation to uphold around here. 😉

Hey Boo Bandana

Chloe’s nickname is Boo so of course this is a must have for her.
We found out today she is free of a dangerous kidney infection and we’re celebrating her success by ordering yet another socialdawg fun bandana.
She’ll strut her healthy self at Halloween in her usual socialdawg classic style.
Every day is special for this little rescue dog so we dress her for the occasion.
Thank you socialdawg for making it possible.

Socialdawg Bandana Riddle

What do you get when you place any great Socialdawg bandana like this one on a rescue dog ?
Get at least one of each and find out.
Hint, happiness and pride.
Thank you Socialdawg. 🤗

Ball Is Life Slip-On Dog Bandana

A fun way to dress up the pup! The bandanas are light enough so it is not bulky. Make your dog the cool one on the block!!

Red Gingham Bandana

When Chloe receives and wears her red gingham bandana she will be ready to go apple picking, even if she has no idea what an apple is or where to pick one.
Socialdawg keeps her in fashion for every season no matter the occasion or her familiarity with it.

Red Gingham Beauty

We ordered this bandana today and asked for Chloe’s name on it in red. We know it’ll be pretty and perfect just like every other bandana we’ve gotten from Socialdawg.
Chloe will continue to be a true social well dressed dog.

Bandannas are fabulous

My dogs were the hit of the party in their wine/ champagne bandannas. The quality was great.
I was super happy!

More of these bandanas

Please get more of these “Woof” tie on bandanas in size medium. If there was ever a bandana that speaks for Chloe this is it. (A little bit of pun intended)
Thank you for your time and consideration

Red, White and Blue Ice Cream Slip-On Dog Bandana

She wore it & we have proof

Chloe wore this headband at least long enough for us to get photos today. Actually very cute even though I doubt she’d ever admit it.
Sincere gratitude Socialdawg. You folks are great !