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Perfect Birthday Bandana!

I bought this bandana for our dog’s birthday recently. I love the bandanas that attach to the collar, especially for a dog like ours who doesn’t like wearing bandanas around her neck. The print is adorable and everyone raved about her birthday bandana!

Love the holiday themes!

Caterpillar Dog Toy
Xenia Schwed
Valentine Catapillar

Darling and full of great squeakers! Saving to give as a Valentine gift to my son’s dog:) I know she will love it!
Quick shipping!!

Valentine Candy Hearts Bandana

We bought this conversation hearts bandana last year for Chloe and it still speaks for itself. Sweet talk from Socialdawg continues along with quality and cuteness.
When it comes to bandanas this Socialdawg bandana is simply heartfelt.

Love the straws

Valentine Lollipops

Yes, Patricia and I are “suckers” for this sweet valentine lollipops socialdawg bandana. Chloe will add it to her tasty fashion collection.
Thank you once again folks at Socialdawg for making our lives and Chloe’s so much fun. Your bandanas are all such quality and we sincerely appreciate that.

Super Cute!! Loved the detail!!

Made a TERRIFIC stocking stuffer for my Niece’s dog!!!

Cute Bandana

It's adorable on and seems well made.

Dear Santa Bring More Dogs Unisex T-Shirt
Cindy F
T-shirt is perfect for the Christmas Holidays!!!

T-Shirt is So soft with light fabric!!! I also really love the color!!

Cute !

You may think this is the cutest bandana and if you bought it last year, as we did, you know it is.
By the way it looks as good today as it did when it arrived. Leave it to socialdawg to offer the best !

Thanksgiving Bandanna

Love the Thanksgiving bandanna! Great quality!

Snowman Bandana

Probably the closest Chloe has ever been to a snowman is the crushed ice dispenser on our refrigerator. She’s a Florida canine and we believe she has been all her life.
We’re still thinking about ordering this bandana for her because it’s just so cute !
The socialdawg bandanas are all adorably tempting.

Very personable and adorable!!

I ordered this bandana right before Thanksgiving and it came with plenty of time!! They sent a personalized note and treats which I thought were so sweet and thoughtful. The bandana was great quality and was so easy to slide onto the collar. I will definitely be ordering a Christmas bandana next 😊

Love my festive bandannas

They look great and fir great

Holiday Eggnog Dog Toy
Katherine Brannick

Holiday Eggnog Dog Toy

Holiday Pup Cup Slip-On Dog Bandana
Millie Ramos-Rothermel
Festive with ease!

All of the slip-on bandanas I’ve purchased are not only a fun way to include your dog in the festivities, they get a lot of folks attention which my dogs enjoy! They’re also durable and wash well.

Turkey Taster Approved

This bandana is so cute, as always, such good quality and fits my guy so well. I have a pitty/german shepherd/rott and his neck is pretty thick, we get a large and it gives him plenty of room without looking huge on him. He loves wearing his bandanas and I highly recommend :)

Love these products

Great quality products with a bright rich color. Love the detail that goes into these products

A Special Turkey Toy

Chloe received this special turkey toy and sends special thanks to special people.
She’ll split the wishbone with you any day of the year. All her dog wishes have come true with much gratitude shared with you.
Happy Thanksgiving to all !

Cute and easy to use

Love the fabric and how it slips onto the collar.

Cute, Clever, Classy

Warning, alliteration ahead.
Socialdawg has a great choice of cute, clever and classy bandanas.
This particular one definitely qualifies as both the cute and clever.
It’s just fun !

Buffalo Plaid & A Dog’s Story

Fourteen moths ago Chloe was a ten year old, homeless, confused little dog. We knew we could give her everything she needed.
Today she has the most loving comfy home and friends at Socialdawg who sent her another terrific bandana.
A happy holiday story about a happy sweet little dog.
Thank you Socialdawg for your contribution to this story.

Update on Gobble Gobble bandana

Everyone at the veterinarian’s clinic thought Chloe’s new Gobble Gobble bandana was “adorable” and so seasonally appropriate.
Patricia and I concur

Gobble Gobble Bandana

Chloe’s Gobble Gobble bandana arrived today, along with special gifts, just in time for her to wear it on her trip to the veterinarian. With this many good vibes hopefully the veterinarian will give her a positive bill of health.
Thank you for everything Socialdawg !

Great pattern, fits well too